Alice in Underland?

Marcos Martinez

  Alice in Wonderland Review

 As a fan of Carroll’s book series and the Disney animated feature, I was excited for another adventure in Wonderland. Though I’m not a fan of Burton’s style I went into the film unbiased and came out pretty impressed.

 While Burton claims that Alice in Wonderland is in no way a sequel to Disney’s original, this film is nothing but Alice’s second romp through Wonderland . The premise is simple: once again poor limey Alice has stumbled into wonderland, but this isn’t the Wonderland from her past. The dastardly Red Queen has stolen the crown and kingdom from her kindhearted sister, the White Queen, and Wonderland has become an oppressed and dark place. Alice is heralded as the new champion who has been chosen to slay the Jabberwocky, the Red Queen’s guardian dragon.

 I was a big fan of this film for it’s many great element’s and visual styles, but that didn’t stop me from finding a few faults in an otherwise good film. Disney’s Alice In Wonderland had a great rhythm as a confused Alice wondered from one strange event to the next and Burton sacrificed a lot of that originality by giving his rendition a very structured, and somewhat generic, story. The generally well written script has an occasional break into some pretty grimacing one-liners and quirky jigs that I’m sure will be copied by Burton fans for years to come. One last thing, through the entire film Wonderland is constantly reffered to as Underland, this is never explained and really confusing.

  Ok so there are a few minor complaints, but overall Burton made a good film. Burton’s twist on a fallen Wonderland has created a post-apocolyptic visual treat that stays incredibly good looking through the entire film. The movie stars a great cast with many of Burtons staples such a Johnny Depp and Helen Boneham Carter. Anne Hathaway was hillarious as the looney and overly comical White Queen, and I found myself laughing everytime she was on screen. This movie really sums up my view  of Burton’s works, which is “regardless of personal tastes see the film because you will never see anything else like it, Until the next Burton film comes out that is.”

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